Monday, May 18, 2009

Radical Queer Politics & the gay marrriage movment?

Listen Here (58 minutes)
The heart of gay liberation

Since we have all heard so much about Gay marriage it has come to define what is meant by gay politics. But there is a whole other world of radical Queers working for other causes and who have very different politics then those of the mainstream gay movement. Yes, there is a world beyond the L Word and there are even those radical queers who are critical of the mainstream gay marriage movement and the large gay organizations like the
Human Rights Campaign who only focus on single queer issues and do not see the connection between issues.

In this 58 minute documentary Queer activists and academics who will talk about what radical queer politics means to them and the issues that they feel are important. This will include Queers from such groups as Gay Shame, Queers for Economic Justice, Fierce, Quit and other activists all of who share a commitment to a politics that links issues together instead of having a single-issue politics. They explain how for low income Queers, Queers of colors, feminists and others the issues of everyday survival, violence against queers, health care for all, gentrification and fighting the prison industrial complex as well as U.S imperialism are all important issues. For these Queers and many others, work on these complex issues have been at the heart of gay liberation since its creation in the 1970's. Produced by Lisa Dettmer for national distribution.

Producer: Lisa Dettmer

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