Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trans Organic Chemistry

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58 minutes

Join four trans people as they meet for the first time in a night of beautiful music, delicious food, fascinating stories and extravagant thought. Stories of gender insight and legal battles mingle with oxtails and Jerusalem artichokes in this hour-long gourmet radio program.

Joe Stevens will be here, with his guitar
and Ingrid Elizabeth, his partner in life and in
the folk duo, Coyote Grace.
After a year of touring and appearances
at many queer and trans events, they're
in town to record their second CD.

Jackie Martine, an accomplished cook
and leader in the slow food movement
will not only provide the meal
but she and her partner,
Melinda Montayne,
host our party in their dome
overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Jazz singer, Veronica Klaus brings her
experience in San Francisco Theater
and Cabarets as well as news of her
successful immigration fight.

Academic Delia Wolfe brings her brilliant
mind and memories of friends lost to
transgender violence.

Radio host and producer Shelley Berman will be on hand to record and orchestrate the event as these talented, thoughtful and thought-provoking transpeople laugh and challenge each other to tell the complex truths about their lives. Pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine and a plate of local seasonal food. You’ve got a reserved seat at the trans organic dinner.

Producer: Shelley Berman


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  2. i saw coyote grace tonight in chicago and heard that ingrid and joe were not a couple anymore off stage, anyone know if this is true?